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San diegoHull cleaning in San Diego, cleaning hull barnacles underwater is "serious business" with Aquarius Yacht Services in San Diego. They have over twenty five years of experience providing hull cleaning, boat bottom cleaning and professional repairs ensuring your yacht or pleasure boat is in first rate shape for years of enjoyment.
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Importance of Regular Hull Cleaning Keep fuel costs down. Barnacle buildup causes drag requiring more fuel use. Improve boat performance. No resistance means faster acceleration. Catch maintenance issues. Regular cleaning includes underwater inspection. Underwater Hull Cleaning Background Aquarius Yacht Services of San Diego is your partner when it comes to your passion, your yacht and sailing boating, because it\s our passion too!

As your partner, the know that veteran boat owners are aware of the importance of caring for their boats year-round and that maintenance is an important part of owning a boat. However, if you are a recent boat owner, you may not be as familiar with all that is recommended regarding scheduled checks, cleaning and repairs to ensure smooth sailing on the water. One important schedule for looking after your boat is to make sure the hull is cleaned regularly.

Hull cleaning removes marine growths from the bottom of the boat, to ensure that the hull glides easily through the water and to prevent possible problems from marine infestations on the boat’s equipment. A dirty hull not only reduces acceleration, it requires extra fuel costs. Barnacles formed on a boat’s hull create drag in the water, and they may even cause damage to parts of the boat that will impair their function. hull cleaning, dirty hull cleaning, clean hull Even knowing the benefits of hull cleaning, many boat owners don’t do it as often as recommended.

Not long ago, boats had to be dry-docked before they could be cleaned and then the boat's hull was scrubbed or blasted while out of water. This was a very expensive proposition to clean the boat bottom regularly, every few months. Presently, underwater hull cleaning is probably the best way to maintain a smooth hull. Divers are able to remove debris from the boat’s underside while performing inspections and replacing damaged equipment. All the boat’s underwater fittings and parts are cleaned of barnacles, giving boat owners peace of mind for a lower price tag.

Scrubbing a boat down is not a job for just any diver or the inexperienced. Hull cleaning service at Aquarius Yacht Services is administered precisely so as not to damage the finish or protective coating on your boat. A poor cleaning job can do more damage than good by removing paint and exposing the boat’s coating, therefore don't trust this critical maintenance process to anyone but the best. If you’re having your boat’s underside inspected you’ll want long time professionals who are able to quickly identify areas that need attention and help with any necessary repairs.

Therefore put your trust in the experts at Aquarius Yacht Services as yacht enthusiast has done since 1989! Underwater hull cleaning not only contributes to the pleasure of boating, but it gives you the peace of mind that the boat’s equipment is safe from infestation problems and a clean propeller and hull are reported to give up to 20 percent more fuel efficiency, which can really add up! Call us today at 619-222-4147 for a quick, personalized quote.


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